9/21: Weekly Web Wrap

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> "I was induced three times..." One mom shares her unlikely birth story. -- lilSugar
> And then there were four: Jacquie opens up about losing the family dog and looks back on Riley's first and last moments. -- Mom Meets Baby
> Mommy blogger Amanda may have had no luck at the whole BFing thing, but one thing's for sure: She's psyched about pumping. -- The Forty Week Wait


Morning sickness cures disproven Why urinary incontinence could happen to you
Need one more kick in the pants to drop that baby weight? Get this: according to a new study, excess pregnancy weight -- particularly around the abdomen -- could up your chances of suffering from urinary incontinence post-delivery. Yikes! Docs had long believed it was pregnancy weight gain that was linked to the embarrassing pants-wetting condition; but no more. Yet while they've pinpointed what determines your risks post-delivery, researchers are still a little baffled by what exactly is causing leakage during pregnancy. (Um, how 'bout that giant baby resting on your bladder?) Get the scoop.

Fertility deadlines: Would you want to know yours? Fertility deadlines: Would you want to know yours?
It's a valid enough question: Wouldn't life be a lot simpler to plan if we all just knew how much time was left on the 'ole biological clock? This summer, news spread that a new test being developed overseas could actually predict -- within a matter of months -- how long a woman had until she hit menopause, and therefore was out of her childbearing years. And last week, WSJ.com brought it up again, asking users if they would choose to know, if they could. We're not so sure ourselves. Would you? Read on and weigh in.


Do bigger baby boys mean manlier men? Do big baby boys = manlier men?
Believe it or not, new research is claiming that the bigger your little guy is during infancy, the more likely he is to have more testosterone in his system, which will lead him to grow taller and stronger, and (not that you want to think of this now) become more sexually active in his adult years. Skeptical? The study traced the growth of 800 Filipino men, and found that those were better fed in their youth were the ones to fair better in the manhood department later on. Get the full story.

Getting pregnant could cost you that mortgageMaternal death rate on the decline
The good news is, worldwide maternal death rates are steadily dropping, according to new reports. The bad news? 1,000 women still die in labor each day. In fact, women living in poorer nations are 36 times more likely to die during childbirth than women in wealthier nations, where women are not always able to get the proper treatment for infections, hypertensive disorders, or bleeding after childbirth. These stats also apply to women who may die during unsafe abortions. Find out more now.


Celeb stuff
> Quoted: Kelis dishes on how hard (but also how awesome) single parenthood is; Matt Damon says his wife is so over him (yea right) and being pregnant; and Jamie Oliver admits he's thinking about getting snipped.
> Making headlines: Now that Jon Gosselin has gone semi-sane, looks like the dad from TLC's Raising Sextuplets has taken over the reign of psycho TV dads -- he was arrested this week for domestic violence against his wife, while all six kids were present. (Oh, and then was seen beaming in his mug shot...).
> Spotted: Ellen Pompeo leaves yoga class with baby Stella...

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> "How do you chart sex past midnight?"
> "Has anyone had to have their rings cut off?"
> "Feels like LO is trying to head-butt her wayout!"
> "Would you say this is sleep-deprived...?"