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11/2: Weekly Web Wrap

Link Love...
> Quiz time: Ever wonder how different the birthing experience is around the world? Find out... -- lilSugar
> Get inspired: Browse through 10 colorful nurseries (and get pointers on which ideas you should steal for your own). -- ohdeedoh
> Adorableness: Blair shares pics of her son in his Halloween costume and the results are too cute for words. -- The Heir to Blair

Newborn fussiness and behavioral problems Warning signs: Fussy baby = troubled kid?
Hate to break it, but that fussy stage you’ve been praying your newborn gets over fast may actually just be a sign of bigger things to come. According to a new study, infants who are super-fussy around three or four weeks old are actually more prone to have issues with anxiety, ADHD, and other childhood behavioral problems later on. Experts are hoping the research shines more light on the subject and will help them identify ways to diagnose and treat such issues early. Read on >>

Moms' brains grow after having baby Could your blood type control your fertility?
Listen up, TTCers: A new study out of the UK has found that not only do women with type O blood tend to have a lower egg count, but they also tend to have "poor egg quality." Docs are still looking into what it all means and what women with type O blood can do to combat their infertility risks. But in the meantime, researchers are thinking it could lead women with this blood type to try for a baby sooner. In contrast, women with type A blood have been found to have much more positive fertility outcomes. Learn more >>

News from around the web More news from around the web...
> Dad's weight could impact his kid's diabetes risks... -- Science Daily
> Writer Jenny Rough talks infertility and why it would help if we could all learn to laugh a little more about it (yes, laugh). -- Motherlode
> Could eating peanuts during pregnancy cause baby to have a peanut allergy? -- Reuters

Celeb stuff
> Bump watch: Steve Sanders (a.k.a. Ian Ziering) is going to be a daddy; Grey's Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw welcomes a new daughter, Eve; and sadly, singer Lily Allen suffers her second miscarriage.
> Quoted: Kendra Wilkinson wants Baby #2 to be a girl -- and just like Shiloh. Plus: Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon open up to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush about her struggle to get pregnant and handling a painful miscarriage.

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> "Who's getting a flu shot while pregnant?"
> "Having your MIL at the gender ultrasound: Thoughts?"
> "How much will this pregnancy cost you?"
> "C-section mamas: Things you wish you knew?"