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12/14: The Weekly Web Wrap

Link Love...
> Trend alert: Looks like honeysuckle is primed to be the color of 2011. Find out how to work it into your tot's nursery. -- lilSugar
> LOL of the week: Forget Awkward Family Photos -- Awkward Pregnancy Photos are where it's at. And this round-up had us in stitches. -- Pregnant Chicken
> Keepin' it real: Mr. Lady confesses just how unprepared she is for Christmas to happen (and makes us feel not so alone after all). -- Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

Could cell phone use harm baby? Your pregnancy diet & baby's sense of smell
Every mama knows that what she eats during pregnancy could have a considerable impact on baby's health. But believe it or not, docs are now saying that what Mom eats while pregnant can also affect baby's sensitivities to certain smells and flavors. Plus, it could also impact what baby eats or drinks in the future. Read on >>

Could cell phone use harm baby? Could your cell phone use impact baby?
Well how's this for bad news: A Danish study recently found that moms who regularly use cell phones (a.k.a. everyone reading this right now) are far more likely to have a baby who exhibits behavioral problems later on. Not only did the study find that babies were affected in utero, but post-birth, as well. Read on >>

IVF and cancer No IVF/cancer connection, study says
According to a new study published this month, women who undergo IVF treatments show no greater risk of developing cancer than women who don't. What's more, the same study found that women who underwent IVF were actually 26% less likely to develop any kind of cancer after conceiving children by way of fertility treatments. Learn more >>

News from around the web More news from around the web...
> More moms are buying breast milk online than ever before; but is this actually safe? -- CNN
> Most American parents think their kids are angels, while a mere 4% admit they have kids who misbehave. Hmmm... -- TODAYMoms via
> Breakthrough: New discoveries found in what may be causing autism. -- Huffington Post
> How safe is your baby while flying? -- USA Today
> Pregnant mamas are more likely to deliver preterm if they live near a main road. Yes, really. -- Reuters

Celeb stuff
> Bump watch: Funny man Craig Ferguson and wife Megyn are expecting Baby #1 any day now, Ali Larter jets off to Europe to wait out her pregnancy, and a very pregnant Mariah performs at a DC Christmas party...
> Spotted: Baby Louis arrives at a California holiday bash with mom, Sandra Bullock, looking adorable as always. Plus, the Afflecks are spotted hitting the farmer's market in LA.
> Hero for the day: Chris Rock helps a fellow mall shopper after her water breaks.
> Quoted: Lisa Ling opens up about her miscarriage experience and how it made her "feel like a failure."

Talked about topics
> "'Was it planned?' -- How appropriate do you think this is to ask?"
> "Do you plan to use pacifiers?"
> "PG mamas: How much water are you drinking?"
> "Do your parents help out still money-wise?"

-- Kaitlin Stanford