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The Bump Help Center


Why am I asked to log in every time I visit The Bump?

If you're being sent back again and again to the log in screen, your browser is probably not set to always accept cookies. To make your visit to The Bump as fast and carefree as possible, your browser preferences must be set to always accept cookies.

The Bump uses cookies to store your member number and the information you've input to the tools. If your browser is set to always accept cookies, you never need to log in more than once to The Bump -- and you can update your information and preferences in other tools at any time.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a very small text file placed on your computer by a web server and is essentially your identification card. It contains your member number and cannot execute code or deliver viruses.

The Bump uses cookies so that once you join the site, you never have to log in again. In addition to your member number, cookies let us store the information you've input to other tools. Cookies allow The Bump to be more efficient. Each time you return, we'll show you the information you request.

How do I update my preferences?

You can edit any personal information you give The Bump whenever you wish. Just follow the link below to go to your profile to make changes. Update my preferences now.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from The Bump email list?

Simply visit to select the communications that interest you. Here you may also change your email format preference (html or text) and unsubscribe from any email offerings you're not interested in receiving.

You can also unsubscribe from specific email by following the simple instructions included at the bottom of every email from The Bump.


How do I find a list of commonly used abbreviations (like DH, DS, etc.)?

- While on any Bump board, you can scroll down to "My Boards" on the left-hand side.

- Click "Bump Board Glossary" for a full list of terms.

How do I put a picture in my signature?

- Upload your picture to a hosting site such as or

- Find the direct link to your photo by right-clicking on the picture and finding the URL under properties (it will end in .jpg or another file ending for a picture). If the URL is long, you may need to shorten it using a site like

- Go to the community page:

- Under your name, click "Edit My Profile." Scroll down to the Signature field and enter in this code:
<img src*="YOUR URL HERE" width="180px"> Take out the * and then you can modify the size of the picture by adjusting the "180" higher or lower.

How can I unsubscribe from threads I'm watching or see all of them at once?

-Just head to this link to see all of the threads you're subscribed to:

-Click the "unsubscribe" box if you would no longer like to receive updates via email.

How do I change my due date/erase it, if I need to?

- Click Update Account at the top right-hand side of any page (or use this direct link: Then, look for where it says "Pregnant?" and either click "Yes" and plug in your due date, or "No," and change the due date to "?"

How do I find all of my posts?

While on any board, scroll down to "My Boards" on the left-hand side. Underneath it you will see "My Posts."

Can I edit my post after it's submitted?

Yes, you can click the "edit" button on any of your posts and make corrections.

How do I ask another question I don't see answered here, or suggest a new community board or story topic?

- Simple! Email all of your questions, tips, ideas, or suggestions to

Can I view my posts in order of last reply so that I don't miss anything?

Sure you can. At the bottom of every board you'll see a "Viewing Preferences" box. You can choose to sort by "Original Post Date" (the default) or "Last Post Date."

How do I send a Private Message?

If you would like send a private message to another member, just open one of their posts, click "Contact." and choose "Send so and so a Private Message." They will receive an email that they have a private message if their current email is updated on their Bump profile.

*Remember: Make sure your e-mail is up-to-date so that you'll receive an alert when someone sends you a Private Message!

How do I check to see if I have a Private Message?

While on any board, scroll down to "My Boards" on the left-hand side. Underneath it you will see "Check Private Messages."

How do I watch a thread?

At the top of every message board post there's an option that says "Watch this thread," which you can click on if you're interested in keeping up with responses to that particular thread. You will then receive email updates (to the email account you have registered to your Bump name) that will notify you every time someone comments on your thread.

You can reach all of your watched threads at once by clicking "All Boards" at the top of any board page. On the right side there's also a section called "My Subscriptions" -- underneath that you can click "Threads I'm Watching" to check on any responses.

How do I quote another user in my reply?

Instead of clicking "reply" under a post, click "quote" and begin typing under the text that pops up.

How do I edit my profile?

- Click on "My Bump" in the upper left-hand corner

- Click on "Edit Profile" under your avatar photo

How do I edit my bio?

- Click on "My Bump" in the upper left-hand corner

- Click on "Edit My Bio" at the top of the page. You can use our Bio Builder or skip to the green "Advanced" tab to insert your own HTML code.

How do I change my avatar?

- Click on "my bump" in the upper left-hand corner

- Click on "Edit Profile" under the "About Me" section

- The second option down is "Upload Your Photo" -- you can click on "Browse" to choose a photo from your desktop.

How do I report an inappropriate post?

At the bottom left of every post you will see a "Report" button. Let us know what the issue is and then hit "post."

How do I create a blog post?

Go to the Community Blogs page (hit "Blogs" at the top of your screen) and click "Create a Blog Post" at the top.

How do I find someone's gift registry?

You can find a someone's gift registry by simply entering their name in our baby registry search, then selecting the Our Registry link.

What if I have questions on gift registries?

See our complete Baby Gift Registry Help page for the answers to all your gift registry questions.

-- The Bump Editors