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Pampers with Dry Max

Newsflash: Official investigation finds no link between Pampers Dry Max and baby rashes

September 3, 2010: For all of us who were left on the edge of our seats waiting for an official answer about the Pampers Dry Max controversy, looks like we may have one: The US Consumer Products and Safety Commission, as well as Health Canada, each announced yesterday that after months of study, there could be no link found between Pampers Dry Max diapers and the nearly 4,700 diaper rash cases reported after their use.

So what was to blame? The CPSC has said it will continue to consider consumer complaints, but that the reactions may be the result of health issues specific to certain children – particularly skin sensitivity. For now, the agency urges parents who notice any rashes that they believe to be caused by a particular diaper (or just more severe than normal), to stop using the diaper immediately and contact their pediatrician.

In a statement released yesterday, Jodi Allen, vice president of Pampers, said: "We hope that today's announcement will reassure the millions of moms and dads and child caregivers who place their trust in Pampers and Dry Max every day."

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-- Kaitlin Stanford