Now that you have a baby, you will soon find toys are covering nearly every inch of your house. Don’t let it get to you - toys are critical to your new baby’s development. Toys help to develop babies’ gross motor skills by reaching, grasping, and holding toys. And they help babies’ develop their cognitive thinking by learning to recognize shapes and colors and gaining an understanding of cause and effect relationships. Lovies and other cuddly or teething toys can also be a source of comfort and support for your baby. From musical toys to teething toys, whichever type of toy you are buying for your little one, our buying guides are an excellent starting point. And if you have questions about what toys to buy, what toys are good to stimulate and entertain your baby, or which toys are good for premies, we have the answers here.

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It's playtime! From educational toys to musical toys and those that are purely for fun, here are some of our faves.


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