What's Your Stroller Style?

From Maclaren to Bugaboo, we crack the stroller code to tell you just what your stroller style really says about you, anyway...

These days, picking out the perfect wheels for baby can almost be more of a nail-biter than picking out your own wheels. There’s the frame size to consider (lightweight or heavy duty?), and of course the brake system (rear-wheel or wrist?); and let’s not forget that glorious one-handed fold (a must according to some moms) -- the options are endless. And it’s nothing to take lightly, either. After all, not only is your stroller going to cost you some serious dough, but you’ll be the one wheeling that bad boy all over town for next couple of years, so you might as well love it, right? It’s no surprise then that for mamas who tote their babes everywhere, they often look for a stroller that meets their needs and suits their own style. Wondering what your stroller style says about you? Read on as we give the rundown.

#1. Maclaren Triumph -- Practical Mama

Sure, everyone else might get caught up in the bells and whistles when it comes to stroller shopping, but you stay above it all. Forget those fancy, overpriced baby wheels -- in your world, function beats form any day of the week. Just like a Maclaren, you’re a straight shooter: trusty, dependable, and most of all budget-minded. You know a good deal when you see one, can coupon-clip with the best of ’em, and are most likely the go-to mama among your friends when it comes to doling out honest advice.

* Celeb mamas who share your stroller style: Kate Winslet, Amy Poehler, Kendra Wilkinson
* Other strollers practical mamas love: Chicco Cortina, Graco Stylus

#2. Bumbleride Queen B -- Classic Mama

If Rolls-Royce had a stroller equivalent, we’re pretty sure it’d be the Queen B. With its convertible pram and sleek look, it’s a total throwback to when tots used to ride around with real class. Just like you, the Queen B is sophisticated and subtly stylish, but even with its classic pram design, this ain’t your grandma’s stroller. You also love it for all its modern features, like the smooth ride, reversible pram, and new one-push harness system that ensures baby is always safe when you’re strolling down the avenue.

* Celeb mamas who share your stroller style: Katie Holmes, Kourtney Kardashian, Minnie Driver
* Other strollers classic mamas love: iCandy Apple, Peg Perego Skate

#3. phil&teds Dash Buggy -- Sporty Mama

If you dig a sporty stroller like the phil&teds Dash, chances are you’re a fitness-conscious mama with a need for speed. You’re an on-the-go, no-frills kind of mom, taking baby along for the ride whether you’re running errands or going for a jog. So a heavy-duty yet practical stroller is right up your alley. You’re not into being super-trendy, and definitely not into super-girly stuff, but let’s be honest: You definitely go for the coolness factor when it comes to stroller shopping. And the Dash sure fits that bill, with its three-wheel, sporty look, unique trigger folding mechanism, and easy maneuvering, whether you’re zipping down the grocery aisles or around town.

* Celeb mama who shares your stroller style: Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry
* Other strollers sporty mamas love: BOB Revolution, Baby Jogger City Mini

#4. Bugaboo Cameleon -- Trendy Mama

Ah, the Bugaboo. It’s no secret that it’s the creme de la creme -- make that the Lexus -- of baby wheels. It’s fashion-forward, loaded with cool features, and first-class all the way...and that’s why you love it. Roll up to the playground with one (BlackBerry in one hand, latte in the other) and all the other mommies will either give you the side-eye or start drooling over your sweet, sweet ride. Sure, some might call you a yuppie-type, but they can hate all they want: You only settle for the best when it comes to comfort and style.

* Celeb mamas who share your stroller style: Gwyneth Paltrow, Bethenny Frankel, Amanda Peet
* Other strollers trendy mamas love: Quinny Buzz 4, UPPAbaby VISTA

#5. Orbit -- Modern Mama

If the Orbit’s more your style, you’re a mama on the cusp of what’s current. You love gadgets, can’t quite remember life before Twitter, and seriously think that if you had to choose between your husband and your iPhone, the hubs might have a run for his money. The Orbit fits your gadget-loving nature to a T, with its 360-degree carrier rotation and new StrongArm technology that makes it a breeze to turn your carrier into a car seat. And it pretty much goes without saying that its futuristic style and innovative features can’t help but speak to your gadget-loving self.

* Celeb mamas who share your stroller style: Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman
* Other strollers modern mamas love: Stokke Xplory, Micralite Toro

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