Baby Safety

As a new mom is all too aware, her first job is to keep baby safe. The amount of baby safety gear that’s available is mind-boggling and the spectrum of products runs from totally essential items (outlet plugs) to entirely superfluous ones (knee pads for crawling babies). Baby safety products are important but mom should also know CPR, basic first aid, and how to childproof her home. It’s enough to send a mother haywire but don’t worry, we have you covered - our top-notch advice and answers to moms’ common safety questions will make you a baby safety pro. How can I keep baby safe in the car? What should I do to make my nursery safe? Are there any cute baby gate options? These questions and more are expertly addressed in our Q&A’s and baby safety guides.

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Best Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have come a long way: Video, motion sensors and night vision are just a few of the techie features some now offer. Check out our latest picks for the top 10 monitors for baby.

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The All-Purpose Baby Monitor

Looking for a more long term investment? We were surprised to learn about the MobiCam’s many uses -- it’s not just for baby; it can also be used for businesses and schools. That’s pretty cool, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s economical! Another high-tech feature you’ll love? For moms who get separation anxiety, if you’re leaving baby in the care of grandparents or a nanny, you can still check up on him with the monitor’s MobiCam Anywhere option that lets you see what baby’s doing from any computer. MobiCam Digital DL, $150,

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