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Q&A: Are there any cute baby gate options?

The baby gates I've seen are so ugly. Are there any cute options?

Re: The baby gates I've seen are so ugly. Are there any cute options?

The Bump Expert There is a whole slew of baby gates that will keep baby safe without compromising your decor style. Custom designs can be made to look like your banisters so they blend right in. There are also retractable styles that roll up close to the wall when not in use. Or go for a bamboo, wood or metal (which can securely mount to the wall) gate. One to try: the Loft Gate from Munchkin; it's made from dark wood and aluminum. Of course, looks aren't everything. To be safe, look for gates with double-lock systems (easy for you to open, but hard for your tot to) and extensions to fit the various openings in your home.

Ali Wing, founder and CEO of Giggle stores

Q&A: Are there any cute baby gate options?

We needed a gate for the 7-foot-wide opening between the entrance/foyer and living room. Most safety gates don't cover that width. Also because our landlord specifically requested that we not drill holes into the house's beautiful woodwork, we had to get something that was freestanding too. To meet these two requirements, we got an extra wide and tall pet gate (Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, High-Large). It's very well-constructed -- even pretty as safety gates go. Getting in and out is easy for us, since both ends can swing and latch shut. The slightly curved corners, wooden frame and matte black metal bars allows this gate to blend in with the rest of the house. Most importantly, the baby hasn't figured out how to escape from the living room! Aesthetically and functionally speaking, this pet gate is a major step up from using old cardboard delivery boxes to block off the area! Our kitchen was also tricky. The opening to the kitchen isn't ideal for doors or gates that swing in or out, left or right. (I wish there were a sliding pocket door!) Anyway, for this tricky space, we got a retractable safety gate (Lascal Kiddy Guard Wall Gate). The solid white plastic mesh is unobtrusive if the surrounding walls are white, and because it's not a row of bars, it looks less prison-like. The benefit of this mesh material is it still allows some visibility. So whenever I go into the kitchen, my baby is able to peek through this gate and not feel completely abandoned. There is a steep learning curve when it comes to operating this gate one-handed, but after a day of practice, it was a no brainer.

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Q&A: Are there any cute baby gate options?

This may sound strange, but go to they have a big selection of "dog gates" that are cool and funky and are just the same as baby gates as they are meant to keep dog away from baby.

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Q&A: Are there any cute baby gate options?

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Q&A: Are there any cute baby gate options?

Super-wide baby safety gates may be an option in this case. Is it right?

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