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10 Holiday Gifts Parents HATE When You Give Their Kids

Back away from that Elf on the Shelf -- stat. We’ve got the rundown on the most commonly gifted holiday items you may want to think twice about before buying.

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3. Knickknacks & novelty items

“I’m not a fan of those little figurines you get at the card store -- Willow Tree figure people and such.” -- kara435

Unless you’re Grandma (and therefore all sentimental gift choices can be semi-excused), knickknack gifts tell a parent one thing and one thing only: You had no idea what to get their kid at all, so you swung into the closest card store and bought something in your price range that seemed sentimental and holiday-ish. (Are we right?) What will happen to this Willow Tree person or Precious Moments-esque gift of yours? We’ll save you the wondering: It will probably wind up collecting dust in a shadow box somewhere for the next several years, until someone has finally had enough and tosses it. For a gift with a personal touch that any parent could actually get some mileage out of, check out one of our favorite new Etsy finds -- personalized growth charts by aewilder ($47).

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