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10 Holiday Gifts Parents HATE When You Give Their Kids

Back away from that Elf on the Shelf -- stat. We’ve got the rundown on the most commonly gifted holiday items you may want to think twice about before buying.

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2. Tacky baby shoes

“I hate getting character shoes, shoes with rhinestones on them, shoes with flashing lights...T-A-C-K-Y.” -- Britty685

Ah, yes. Baby shoes. They can sure walk a fine line between being totally cute or totally tasteless. A five-month-old rockin’ a pair of Nikes? Adorable. A five-month-old rockin’ a pair of bedazzled, flashing light-up sneaks with “Divalicious” scrawled across the sides? Eh, not so much. For some non-tacky footwear options, check out and

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