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The 5 Coolest New Baby Gadgets to Know About

This baby gear will definitely help make your life easier. (Or at least a little more interesting.)

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3. Hygeia EnJoye-LBI Double Electric Breast Pump

Let's be honest, nobody really likes to pump. But Hygeia’s hospital-grade breast pumps just might take some of the annoyance out of the whole ordeal. To customize your pump for max comfort, the EnJoye comes with adjustable speed and suction controls. And bonus: It even has a closed milk collection section that separates the tubing from the bottle, which will help prevent any gross mold from forming as a result of leftover condensation. But how’s this for cool: It's even got a CARE button you can press when baby's in the room to record her cries for later. Then, when you’re pumping, simply hit the playback button, and your body's natural response to baby's cries will help stimulate your milk production. Yep, pretty awesome.

Available now at; $300

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