Diaper Bags

Once you have a baby, and you’re out and about, your diaper bag becomes such a part of you that it starts to feel like an appendage. There’s not much middle ground with diaper bags, most moms either love the one they have or they hate it. If you have one that keeps your gear (in this case, diapers, wipes and creams) at the ready, you’ll feel like that got-it-together mom you want to be. If your diaper bag is a black hole that requires an archaeological dig to find what you are looking for (as baby wails and threatens to fall off the changing table) then you are going to feel disorganized and frazzled. Trading in your fashionable designer handbag for a practical diaper bag is a change that can leave a mom missing her more stylish and carefree days but these days it’s possible to get a diaper bag that is as functional as it is attractive. There are tons of smart-looking diaper bags to choose from and designers like Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff even have their own diaper bag lines. Whatever your style or needs, our diaper bag buying guides will help you find your ideal bag.

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The right diaper bag will make you feel like the put-together mom that you want to be. The wrong diaper bag will leave you feeling frustrated and frazzled. Find your perfect diaper bag with our how-to and product guides.