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Q&A: Should I use crib bumper pads?

Should I use crib bumper pads?

Re: Should I use crib bumper pads?

The Bump Expert

No. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission recently called for a "re-examination" of bumpers after reports that 52 infants died from bumper-related incidents between 1990 and 2010. The danger? An infant could suffocate if his nose and mouth get trapped under or against the pad. Plus, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns that an older baby could use a bumper to climb out of the crib, so it poses a danger of baby falling too. We think bumping his head or getting his arm "stuck" between the rails is minor compared to that. To be completely safe, keep everything, except for a mattress, a fitted crib sheet and a light receiving blanket or swaddle (oh, and your baby!), out of the crib.

The Bump Editors

Q&A: Should I use crib bumper pads?

If you want to use a crib bumper, just make sure it has ties at the top and the bottom of it all down the length and across the ends, just like traditional amish furniture so that it can be fastened securely. These crib bumpers provide protection from drafts and can keep the baby's head cushioned. Newborns, especially, like to feel rather closed in because some of them tend to scoot toward a corner of the crib while sleeping.

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Q&A: Should I use crib bumper pads?

Parents look for protection in crib bumpers. You want something soft on the crib bars to protect their precious heads. The regular crib bumpers come with health risks that are dangerous to our children. I found the safest alternative, the wonder bumpers! I love them. They provide all the protection for my daughters head without the health risks. I did some research and the wonder bumpers are excluded from the ban due to their safety! I would highly recommend them.

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Q&A: Should I use crib bumper pads?

I would not use padded bumper pads at all! Infants have died from being suffocated by them. They are dangerous and are being banned from certain states. I didn't like the mesh bumpers, they were hard to put on and made it hard to change the sheets on the crib. I also thought they left room for suffocation. I love Wonder Bumpers, they are a vertical and breathable crib bumper that are one of the top baby products. They are also great for toddler beds and can be passed on from one sibling to the next!

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