Car Seats

Buying baby a car seat is one of the most important buying decisions facing a mama-to-be. There are so many choices! So many considerations! And it has to be done before you even take your new bundle home from the hospital. Our car seat buying guides give you expert advice and information that will help you choose the right seat for your tot. Safety is the first concern but there are other important factors when choosing a car seat. Like comfort - get a car seat that baby finds uncomfortable and you will have a fussy devil on your hands whose wailing makes driving a hair-raising (and potential unsafe) experience. It should be easy to get your baby in and out of a car seat too. Struggling to buckle in babe each time you drive somewhere will have you wanting to hurl your new car seat into the nearest trash can. And a car seat should be simple to clean. Baby is not going to clean her car seat but she is probably going to drool on it, spit up on it, and coat it in crusty half-chewed Cheerios. You’ll want something that’s easily washable to thwart her best efforts to make her car seat totally yucky. Our car seat guides answer all of your important questions from “How can I keep baby safe in the car?” to “Do I need a special car seat for my preemie?” and lead you to buying the perfect car seat for you and your family.

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That's right, mama, you're now a chauffeur with baby riding in the back in her own secure car seat. Here's what you need to know.