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The baby swing and the bouncy seat are two of humanity’s greatest inventions. The rhythmic back and forth motion of a baby swing replicates the sensation of being in the womb. Fussy babies are soothed by the motion and lulled into a sleepy state that gets them ready for nap time. A bouncy seat is favorite for babies and moms. It gives a little one a safe and cozy place of her own to chill out and relax. Most seats gently bounce and some are battery-powered and vibrate - lulling baby into a drowsy state. Some have play bars or mobiles, for when baby is awake and ready for fun. The best thing about baby swings and bouncy seats – it gives a harried mama a few moments to get things done or just have a moment to relax. Use our top 10 baby swing and bouncy seat lists to find the perfect one for your little one.

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baby swings
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Putting baby in a baby swing or bouncy seat will give you some much-needed time to relax or (more likely) get stuff done. Baby can have some fun -- and maybe even get soothed to sleep. It's a win-win!

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