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Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

Is it true I can get a free breast pump under Obamacare? How does it work?

Is it true I can get a free breast pump under Obamacare? How does it work?

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Yes, you may be able to -- it depends on what your insurance covers. Obamacare is a nickname for the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance reform legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in 2010. It went into effect August 1, 2012. Part of the act is meant to give people better access to preventative care, and that includes helping pregnant women and new moms pay for lactation support, counseling and breastfeeding equipment. So now, many health insurance plans cover the cost of a breast pump (hooray!). Here’s how it works:

Check your plan

First, call your health insurance company and ask what’s covered and how you get it. “Every insurer and plan is different,” says Amanda Cole, owner of Yummy Mummy, a New York City store and online retailer that’s an in-network provider of pumps for several insurance companies. “Pregnant women and new moms are usually eligible for a standard electric breast pump either for free or with a co-pay.”

Find an in-network provider

Your breast pump may be covered, but only if you buy it in the right place, so make sure you get the list from your insurance carrier of its in-network providers. There may be some paperwork you need to fill out, so get that too. Cole says that Yummy Mummy will call your insurance company for you to make sure your purchase will be covered. The coolest part? In some cases, the retailer and the store do the transaction between just them, so you simply get your free breast pump without a hassle. In other cases, you may have to pay for it, turn in some forms and receive reimbursement later.

Take advantage

So why is a breast pump part of health insurance? You probably already know the amazing health benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding for at least a year is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics -- and having a good quality pump can make sticking with it after going back to work easier. “So many moms are working, and the maternity leave policies in the US are quite short,” points out Cole. “Really, a breast pump is needed if you want to keep breastfeeding. This can increase breastfeeding rates and how long a woman nurses her baby.”

Once you get your pump, practice using it, and save up some extra breast milk before you go back to work. Knowing you have a freezer stocked with milk will make the transition less stressful. And the less you’re stressed, the easier it will be to keep up your breastfeeding relationship. “Really, this is an amazing thing,” says Cole. “I think it’s really going to help moms reach their breastfeeding goals.”

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Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

My health care plan did cover the pump. However, it was limited to a durable medical supplier. Finding a DMS who carried the pump took me four months (we're in NJ and many stopped carrying pumps), and over a hundred phone calls. In the end, it all worked out (thank you supplier in Ohio!). If you are in this boat, don't become discouraged. It's worth the work!

vayhi |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

i contacted a DME company called Aeroflow Healthcare and spoke with Courtney, she took my information, checked my insurance, contacted my doctor and got me my medela breast pump and the whole process took less than a week! i would contact her and she will help you get the breast pump through your insurance.

cbradshaw13 |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

Is it true I can get a free breast pump under Obamacare? How does it work? i have to rutern to work in a few week and I need a breast pump to continue breasting my newborn baby

mayury08 |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

Not all DME companies provide breast pumps under the Affordable Care Act. Check with your Insurance company for specific DME providers. In Massachusetts we can assist new moms seeking breast pumps under te Affordable Care Act. Contact us at or or

Healthybabyessentials |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

Check out a DME company Zynitech Medical at or call 800-790-5208. They take all insurance orders and deliver nationwide. Most of health insurance policies do cover up to 100%.

jenny63011 |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

I was able to get one with Aetna through Yummy Mummy. It was actually MUCH easier than I expected.... Just did it on their website.

Cloudshine |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

I got my Medela pump from National Rehab and my insurance paid for it. It was pretty easy. I called National Rehab and they told me which pump my plan would pay for. Their customer service team was very helpful. You can see the pumps on their website Or just call them. The # is 800-451-6510 and press 9 to talk to cs.

chartz |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

I got my pump from Aeroflow. The staff was super helpful and the website was helpful as i was able to see all the different pump options. The process was so easy, they verified my insurance and gave me several options to choose from. Their website is

JennJor |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

After spending ALL day on the phone between insurance, my husband's union office, and my doctors office I was finally able to get through with a lady who had an answer for me. Check with YOUR insurance first, but all mine required was a prescription for a double electric breast pump from my midwife. I went to Byram Healthcare and I was able to put in my information and order my pump. I emailed them a copy of my prescription. They do all the verification for you and accept a ton of different companies. I got the Medela Pump In Style Advanced and it arrived a week after I put in my order. They now carry Medela, Ameda, Freemie (which is an awesome concept if you have time check it out!), and Hygeia. I now tell other moms, (often randomly in the baby section at Target) since its not very well known that insurance covers them!

farrahstover |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

It's good to see that insured pregnant woman and new moms will receive support through their health insurance policy. To make sure this support will be available for everyone, a payment and performance bond should also be considered in addition to the existing health coverage.

elizabeth675 |

Free Breast Pump Through Health Insurance?

I did! I actually ended up qualifying for TWO FREE breast pumps. See how my insurance and order process went at my guest blog post . I hope no mother spends money on one that qualifies for a free pump!

tward2014 |

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