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8 Best Breast Pumps

A breast pump isn't just any old piece of baby gear; it's an investment. And having a good, quality one can make your new-mom life a whole lot easier (a bad one will just stress you out), and you might even breastfeed baby longer because you picked the perfect pump. So don't search through every machine on the market -- you'll find the one you need right here.

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Best Pump for Working Moms

Ask 10 working moms which breast pump they recommend and we’re guessing about 9 of them will say the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. This double-electric pump is portable, efficient and reliable, so it’s perfect for using every day (it will become your best friend!). It comes in On-the-Go Tote and Backpack versions -- both of which are great -- but if you have a little extra money to spend, we say go for the Metro Bag version (pictured here). It costs about $80 more, but the pump can be taken out of the bag, giving you more options for how to carry it and where to pump. $350,

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