Breast Pumps and Bottles

However you choose to feed your baby, you will need to buy some type of feeding gear. If you are breastfeeding, you will need to use a breast pump to express and store milk for baby (unless you are planning on taking her everywhere with you). There are three main types of breast pumps – manual, battery-powered, and electric. There are also consumer-grade and hospital-grade breast pumps and a wide range of options and pricing. Getting the best breast pump for your situation is critical. It can make the difference between breastfeeding your baby as long as you want or stopping sooner than you anticipated. In addition to purchasing a breast bump, there are accessories that can help make pumping easier (lanolin cream, anyone?) and some that are better left on the store shelf. If you are pumping you will need baby bottles and will have to figure out what’s important to you. Do you want bottles that are BPA-free? Should you get a bottle sterilizer? Or warmer? Our breast pump and bottle buying guides offer sound advice for getting the ‘breast’ gear for your tot.

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However you're feeding baby, you'll need gear, whether it's a breast pump, bottles, nursing cover, baby spoons -- or all of the above. Stumped? Check out our feeding gear product pics, and read our breast pump and bottle guides for expert buying advice.

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