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Gone are the days when buying baby gear meant getting a carriage and a crib. Before baby even leaves the hospital, she needs a car seat. Once she’s home she’ll need a bassinet, sleep sack, Snap N’Go, and loads of other gear. A few months later, it’s time to get a baby carrier, stroller, crib, and play yard. And don’t forget mama’s breast pump, glider, and diaper bag! Not only is the shopping list endless but each baby gear purchase is an invitation to slip down the rabbit hole of online research – from customer comments to safety ratings and editor reviews, it’s easy to spend hours before adding a single item to your shopping cart. What should I look for in a car seat? Should I buy or rent a breast pump? How early should I plan on ordering nursery furniture? What’s in a layette? What is a good musical toy for a baby? What kind of stroller should I get? Whatever your baby gear questions are, we can expertly answer them here. When you need baby products, but you’re not sure what to get (or which to get!), come to us, we are the go-to source for finding the best baby gear. From bottles to bassinets, and cribs to carriers - we offer buying guides and expert advice that take the guesswork and stress out of searching for baby gear. We also publish the latest baby gear recalls and safety advice and product recommendations to ensure your baby’s safety.

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baby gear

Baby sure needs a lot of baby gear. Stroller, car seat, crib -- whatever you're in the market for, our expert advice and editors' picks will help you find the very best for baby.

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So far, has pregnancy been harder or easier than you thought it would be?

So far, has pregnancy been harder or easier than you thought it would be?

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Definitely harder. (Why didn't anyone warn me?!)

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