Unique Baby Names

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for a unique baby name. Just because having a unique baby name isn’t necessarily unique, though, it doesn’t mean your little boy or girl can’t have a one-of-a-kind name. One way to find a unique baby name? Use your imagination and your awareness. Look around your world for inspiration, put together different sounds, go far back in your family heritage and search anywhere else you can think of to find or invent a unique baby name. If you need some more help, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to unique baby boy names and unique baby girl names. It’s broken down by language of origin, so you can find a unique baby name from whatever culture you want to honor. When you see a name you like, click on it to find more information about meaning and popularity rankings and trends. If you still need more ideas, use our innovative baby namer tool. Select a few names you like the sound of, and our tool will suggest even more names that will likely appeal to you based on the sounds and styles of the names you picked. Good luck!

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Unique Baby Names


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