Latin Baby Names

Latin as a spoken language? Totally obsolete. But Latin baby names? All the rage, believe it or not. (Hey, it’s the basis of almost everything else in our language -- why not baby names, too?) In our comprehensive guide to Latin baby names, you’ll also find lots of unique and unexpected options. If you want to go the more popular route, consider a Latin baby girl name like Amelia, Francesca, or Liliana. Or, if you want a name that’s a little less common, think about something like Abril, Lavinia, or Sidony. In terms of Latin baby boy names, you have the same flexibility. Go for a trendy name like Ace, Felix, or Rufus, or look for something more unusual like Alban, Cicero, or Thad. You can also try our innovative baby namer tool, which lets you select names you like the sound of to inspire suggestions for others that might appeal to you as well. When you see a Latin baby name you like, click on it to find more information about meaning, popularity, and trends. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page to visit our community message boards and get feedback and suggestions from your fellow Bumpies. Good luck with your search, and happy name hunting!

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Latin Baby Names


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