Italian Baby Names

So, you’re looking for an Italian baby name for your soon-to-arrive little boy or girl. It’s a great route to go: Italian baby names have a beautifully exotic, lyrical sound, and range from popular and mainstream to unique. In terms of Italian baby boy names, you can choose something more familiar like Carlo, Guido, or Nico, or go for something a little further off the American radar like Donate, Gaetano, or Virgillo. The same goes for Italian baby girl names: You can pick something a little more popular and trendy like Gabriella, Isabella, or Sabrina, or go in the exotic direction with a name like Bettina, Perla, or Tiziana. No matter which way you decide to go, once you find a name you like, click on it to find more in-depth information like meaning, popularity, and trending data. Or, use our innovative baby naming tool to get more inspiration based on names you already know you like the sound of. Once you have a few options in mind, head to our community message boards to get feedback from your fellow Bumpies. With their support and our comprehensive naming guide, you’re sure to find an Italian baby name you love.

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Italian Baby Names


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