Irish Baby Names

From Irish baby boy names like Aiden and Liam to Irish baby girl names like Finley and Rowan, names of Celtic origin are all the rage right now. In our ultimate guide to Irish baby names, you’ll everything you need to pick out the perfect name for your soon-to-arrive little boy or girl. Popular and trendy isn’t the only route to take with Irish baby names, though. If you’re looking for something a little less mainstream, we also have lots of unique Irish baby boy names and Irish baby girl names. Think Aoife, Grainne, or Tamsin for your little girl, or Bevan, Denzil, or Kerwin for your small man. When you find a name you like, click on it to find more info about meaning, popularity, and trends. You can also use our innovative baby namer tool to find other names similar in sound and style to ones you already like. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and visit our community message boards. Your fellow Bumpies will help you sort through all the options and settle on an Irish baby name that’s perfect for your soon-to-arrive little girl or boy. Good luck with your search!

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Irish Baby Names


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