Greek Baby Names

Congratulations on your baby to be! Now comes the fun part…and one of the hardest: picking out the perfect name for your little one. Every different culture offers lost of interesting and unique baby names, but Greek baby names are particularly rich in history and mythology. Consider Greek baby boy names like Aristotle (the great philosopher) Hermes (the messenger of the gods), and Orion (the huntsman placed by Zeus in the stars as a constellation). The same depth of meaning is present in Greek baby girl names, such as Athena (the Greek goddess of wisdom, justice, strength, and skill), Ianthe (a young girl who was so beautiful the gods planted purple flowers to surround her grave), and Philomena (a saint and a young Greek princess who became a martyr in the fourth century). If all that seems like a lot to place on your little one, don’t worry, you can also pick a Greek baby name with a little less history that you simply like the sound of. Consider a Greek baby boy name like Christos, Basil, or Kostas, or a Greek baby girl name like Ekaterini, Melina, or Zoie. Whatever direction you decide to go in, you’ll find all sorts of feedback from your fellow Bumpies on our community message boards at the bottom of this page. Good luck!

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Greek Baby Names


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