English Baby Names

Considering an English baby name? (Yes, we do realize we’re all speaking English here…but we’re talking about names derived from our British neighbors across the Atlantic ocean.) You’re not alone: Both English baby girl names and English baby boy names are all the rage right now. But if you’re looking for something unique, don’t worry, there are still tons of English baby names on our lists that are totally off the common radar. The chart-topping English baby girl names include Ava, Caroline, Ellie, and Olivia. But if you’re looking for something unique, try a name like Gemma, Imogene, Pippa, or Thomasina. The same goes for English baby boy names: Our comprehensive lists include popular names like Aiden, Gavin, Parker, and Riley, as well as less-common names like Bayard, Coulter, Hayward, and Leamon. For every name, we have in-depth information about popularity peaks and falls. You can also use our innovative baby namer tool to find more names you might be interested in based on ones you already know you like. Once you have some ideas in mind, scroll down the page and talk to other Bumpies on our community message boards to get feedback and more suggestions.

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English Baby Names

Trying to find the perfect English baby name for your newborn boy or girl? You've come to the right place. TheBump.com's baby names guide has in depth information to help you choose the name you want. Our large baby names community can provide useful advice and direct you in finding the name you desire. Without a doubt you will receive plenty of influential advice that hopefully will make this tough decision much easier.

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