Biblical Baby Names

So, you’ve decided to go (or at least check out)'s recommendations on bible names. Well, you’ve come to the right place -- we have all sorts of suggestions here, for both boy and girl names. The first thing to know: biblical does not have to mean boring. We have tons of unique bible names like Barnaba and Magdaelen for you to look through and consider. You’ll also find popular biblical names, like Isaac and Hannah, to play around with. And the most exciting part? You don’t need to go through the entire Bible to find the perfect name, because we’ve collected all of them -- unique and classic; popular and traditional -- for you to browse through right here. Our unique baby-namer tool will help you track the peaks and popularity of whatever biblical baby name you decide on and will also suggest similar names … you know, just in case you start to have second thoughts. In that (pretty much inevitable) situation, you can also look to your fellow Bumpies on our message boards for feedback and more suggestions. Basically, everything you need to find the perfect biblical name is right here -- now, good luck!

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Biblical Baby Names

Welcome to's biblical baby names guide. Whether you're searching for a religious boy or girl name, we have collected every bible name (from the new and old testaments) to help confine your search. Hopefully this will give you a head start on finding the perfect name for you and your newborn. Remember to ask our growing community for advice and opinions on choosing the right biblical name. See our list of Hebrew names for ratings and meanings on specific names.

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