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Q&A: What's a baby-naming ceremony?

What’s a baby-naming ceremony?

Re: What’s a baby-naming ceremony?

The Bump Expert

A baby-naming ceremony is any organized event where you celebrate baby’s birth with family and friends. Not only do you get the opportunity to announce the name you chose, but you can also explain its significance (if there is one). If baby was named after a loved one, a naming ceremony is a nice chance to reflect back on that person’s life, as well as be excited about your new addition’s future.

The ceremony itself can be religious if you want, but it doesn’t have to be. Christian and Jewish families, for example, have their own popular customs when it comes to welcoming baby into the world (the baptism for Christians, and for Jewish boys, the bris), but your ceremony can be as simple as a small gathering. Remember, it’s a celebration you can customize according to your own beliefs and style, so feel free to think outside the box. Your bash can take place in your home, in a garden, at a catering hall, or, really, any other venue you love. And afterward, you can celebrate with a get-to-know-baby party.

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Q&A: What's a baby-naming ceremony?

in my church, we have what is called a baby naming and blessing. The men of the family and the close friends assist in the blessing of the newborn, and the father officially gives baby a name for God and the community to know him or her. Generally both families are there. It's very special, and very beautiful.

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Q&A: What's a baby-naming ceremony?

The Jewish tradition is to have a Bris for a boy (where they perform the circumcision ceremony and give the baby his Hebrew name) and a Baby Naming for a girl where the baby is given her Hebrew name. In Judaism , the Hebrew name is the name you are called by when someone is giving you a blessing or when you are called to the Torah (The scroll that is read each week in synagogue containing the 5 Books of Moses). The ceremony for the girl is sometimes called a Simchat Bat (Celebration of a Daughter). For my daughter's naming we incorporated some of the Sephardic traditions of my husband's family and the ceremony was performed under a Chupa (marriage canopy) with us, the baby and our immediate family, signifying that women (a daughter) are the center of the family and Jewish life. It was very special.

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Q&A: What's a baby-naming ceremony?

The bump expert isn't 100% correct. Judaism has baby naming ceremonies for girls as well. These can be held privately, or sometimes during Shabbat services.

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Q&A: What's a baby-naming ceremony?

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