Your Baby Is 43 Weeks Old!

Baby's first birthday is approaching, and infantdom is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now that she can feed herself with her fingers and hold a cup, watch out for food fights. Baby loves throwing things, but not because she's trying to drive you mad -- taking action and watching its immediate effects actually help her learn.

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Becoming a little person
From playing patty-cake to holding out her arms while you get her dressed, baby's growing up in little ways every day. Her vocabulary is also expanding -- expect to hear more than "mama" and "dada" pretty soon. Your words are starting to make more sense to her too, so keep up your end of the chatter as much as possible.

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[ tip ] Serve baby's food in a bowl rather than a plate to help contain the mess. Using bowls that suction onto the high chair table will also keep things (relatively) clean.

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Your Baby Is 42 Weeks Old!


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