Your Baby Is 35 Weeks Old!

Caring for baby can be a challenge, we know. Sometimes she's unbelievably sweet and loving, other times she's fussy for no reason, and she's incredibly mobile pretty much all of the time. When she gets anxious or irritable, reassure her that everything is okay with a little snuggle. And when you (totally understandably) need a break, set her down in a stationary walker or a play yard for a minute or two.

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Blue, green, or brown?
Baby's eye color is pretty much set by now, and her vision is almost fully developed. Her short-range vision is still strongest, but she now can also see objects across the room (and delights in going after them). She's also mastered the pincer grip and is able to grasp items with her thumb and forefinger. We'll say it one more time: Baby-proof.

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> Serve nutritious foods
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> [ tip ] Limit baby's time in a play yard to stretches of five to fifteen minutes, and use the time to take care of quick things around the house. Now that she's aware of the outside world, she gets fussy very quickly and won't do well in the play yard for longer stretches of time.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

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