8-Month-Old Baby

Baby has become quite the observer. He’s very aware of his surroundings and what’s happening around him. So, mama, if you have a tendency to lose your cool in high-pressure situations, you'll want to dial the emotions back -- baby's watching and learning. One thing that probably stresses him out right now is separating from you. If baby fusses when you leave him, try not to let it get to you. It’s baby’s way of telling you he misses you! And separation anxiety is actually an indicator of a good parent-child bond. Plus, baby’s caregiver will be able to distract him and stop the crying pretty quickly after you leave.

your baby is 8 months old!
  • He sleeps about 15 hours each day, including two naps. He still probably wakes at night, but sleeps a longer stretch.
  • He needs between 750 and 900 calories per day. 400 to 500 of those should come from breastmilk or formula. Add soft table foods and finger foods with different textures.
  • Have baby join the family at the table for meals -- it's a great way to foster good eating habits!
  • He can probably sit up by himself -- but you'll still need to catch him sometimes -- and is beginning to lean over to pick up toys.
  • When he’s on the floor, he's in constant motion! He's gearing up for crawling (if he hasn't yet!).
  • Stock a low kitchen cabinet with safe objects for baby to play with (he probably loves Tupperware!), and lock up the rest.

  • Medical information was reviewed by Preeti Parikh, MD, pediatrician at Pediatrics of New York, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Medical Director of Programming at HealthiNation.com.

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