7-Month-Old Baby

As baby’s prepping herself for crawling, you’ve got to get your home ready. We know you probably baby proofed when baby first came home, but having a crawler changes everything. Get down on your hands and knees to see what hazards are around that you'll need to guard against. That includes anything baby could tumble over, bump into, climb, cut or pinch herself on, or get tangled in. Also, make sure anything that could fall onto your child is securely strapped into place, and be cautious to keep all choking hazards out of her reach -- that includes looking for small things that easily on the floor, like coins.

your baby is 7 months old!
  • Baby sleeps about 15 hours per day -- 6 to 11 of those hours are at night, but she may still be waking up in the wee hours.
  • She’s eating a tablespoon or two of solids per meal, but her main source of nutrition is still breast milk (every 3 to 4 hours) or formula (every 4 to 6 hours).
  • She’s probably gaining about 1 to 1.25 pounds per month. In the last three months, she’s probably grown about 2 inches and her head may have grown about an inch.
  • She can see everything in full color now, and she bears weight on her legs when you hold her upright.
  • She babbles and imitates sounds.
  • She knows what things to do to attract your attention (and isn't it adorable?).
  • Flip through baby’s favorite board books, or a colorful magazine, with her and describe what’s in the pictures.

  • Medical information was reviewed by Preeti Parikh, MD, pediatrician at Pediatrics of New York, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Medical Director of Programming at HealthiNation.com.

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