Baby week 29

Your Baby Is 29 Weeks Old!

Baby's getting more and more mobile every day. Make sure your home is safe for him by taking your own walk through it, down on his level. Crawl around and make sure there's nothing potentially hazardous -- electrical sockets, sharp corners, wobbly furniture -- within his reach.

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Do it again, mommy
Baby loves repetition, so go with the flow. Sing his favorite song over and over, play "This Little Piggy," or pull out a jack-in-the-box -- whatever makes him smile and laugh. Being able to play and understand hide-and-seek-style games makes baby feel smart and encourages his developing sense of independence.
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[ tip ] If baby is ready for a sippy cup, give him one with two handles so he can easily hold onto it. If he has problems sipping, let him try without the lid. Just make sure to show him how to tip the cup back so that the liquid flows into his mouth.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

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