Your Baby Is 19 Weeks Old!

Make eye contact with baby while you talk and watch his expressions to see if he's trying to say anything back to you. His favorite color combo used to be black and white, but now he's moved on to brighter colors, like red and yellow. Mix up his toys by adding new colors to his collection so that he's exposed to contrasting shades.

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A whole new world
It's the simple things that bring out baby's personality. Toys that he can hold, shake, watch, and listen to make him feel empowered -- he's pretty awed by what he can do. He's still fascinated by everything he sees and hears and loves putting objects in his mouth. Encourage his exploration by using words to label things he encounters, and keep reading and singing as much as possible to further his verbal development. Human interaction is the best way to support baby's social growth.

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[ tip ] Attach toys like rattles or pom-poms to his ankle so that he can make some noise by kicking his legs. Just make sure to supervise him the whole time.

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