Baby week 18

Your Baby Is 18 Weeks Old!

As baby's belly gets bigger, she doesn't need to be fed as frequently. If she's solely breastfed, she probably wants to eat about six to eight times a day, while if she's not exclusively breastfed, four or five meals per day may do the trick. Either way, she'll let you know if she's not getting what she needs by crying and fussing.

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Awake to everything
Baby's hands and feet are big sources of entertainment for her, as is putting anything and everything into her mouth. She's learning to discern different textures and flavors, and she's utterly fascinated by the sights and sounds around her. If you notice lots of drool coming out of baby's mouth and lots of toys going in, she may be teething. Babies find comfort in chewing on things when new teeth are sprouting, so make sure you have lots of mouth-appropriate stuff handy.

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[ tip ] With baby easily distracted by everything going on around her, the most efficient way to get through mealtime is by feeding her somewhere quiet, where her only focus is eating.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

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