Baby week 15

Your Baby Is 15 Weeks Old!

Baby is starting to show his adorably gummy grin and will interact more playfully with friends and family. If you've spent the last few months a little cut off from friends while adjusting to your new life, now is the time to reconnect. Introduce them to baby (look, he laughs and coos now!) and don't worry if your adult conversation skills are a little out of practice -- baby will provide all the entertainment you need.

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Fun house
Baby will appreciate your willingness to make a fool of yourself when you stick out your tongue, play peekaboo, and make funny faces. His applause of smiles and giggles is certainly a motivator, but if you need a break, pull out the tricks. Though baby won't realize it's his own face in the mirror until age two or three, he's still fascinated by the image staring back at him. Add some rattles, stuffed animals, and squeaky toys to the mix, and you'll have all the distraction tools you need.

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[ tip ] Having a hard time finding a new caregiver you trust? Ask your pediatrician's office for a recommendation -- they're a great referral source for almost anything you can think of.

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