11-Month-Old Baby

What’s baby’s personality? Her character may have started to shine through, and now you’re probably seeing whether she tends to be more laid-back or whether she's got some extra spunk. But don't assume too much! She's still developing and figuring out her likes and dislikes. She’s learning and observing (and testing!) and figuring out how to react to things. And really, she’s probably displayed a variety of temperaments -- such as shyness or independence -- at different points in her development, not to mention on any given day! Give it some time, and the personality will continue to evolve.

your baby is 11 months old!
  • Baby still likely sleeps about 13 hours per day with two naps.
  • He gets breast millk or formula 3 to 5 times a day, and has 3 meals of solid foods, plus 1 to 3 snacks.
  • She’s probably growing about a half inch each month and gaining 3 to 5 ounces per week.
  • She’s likely standing, cruising and scooting, and is exploring everything!
  • She can recognize objects and point to them when you ask her where they are.
  • Play peekaboo with different variations. For example, put a small blanket over baby’s head and then take it away; hide behind a door; put a blanket over your head, and let baby take it off.
  • Listen to music together and sing! This is a great way to help baby's language development.

  • Medical information was reviewed by Preeti Parikh, MD, pediatrician at Pediatrics of New York, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Medical Director of Programming at HealthiNation.com.

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